Who We Are ?

AGRO-MAP specializes in the implementation of sustainable development projects with socio-economic and environmental impact for beneficiaries.We carry out reforestation and agroforestry projects with communities and small producers. These projects combine the realization of field surveys, monitoring of agricultural plots, training and coaching to transform the vision of the producer into a modern entrepreneur. All these informations are capitalized in order to establish a complete inventory of production systems in agronomic, economic and environmental terms.

Our Vision

Environmental and social issues are at the heart of our approach.We support companies and agricultural cooperatives in general in implementing their sustainability policy. AGRO-MAP produces forest and fruit trees intended to promote agroforestry. The objective is to reconcile agriculture and forestry to maintain a microclimate that ensures the ecosystem balance of agricultural production areas. To do this, we carry out HCS (High Carbon Stock) and HCV (High Conservation Values) studies to identify areas of high conservation value of biological interest for communities. The action plans are implemented using the CLIP (Free Prior Informed Consent) approach through a multi-stakeholder platform to find compromises in the sustainable management of natural resources. We use landscape and parcel approaches to set up rural land use plans which contribute to the development of rural land use planning. To this end, AGRO-MAP regularly supports producers, cooperative societies, individuals and agro-industrial companies to identify supply basins through the mapping and mapping of agricultural plots. The objective is to set up an efficient traceability system adapted to the production conditions of the actors. Faced with the challenges of modern agriculture, we use digitalization tools to collect information relating to the farmer and his farm. AGRO-MAP offers services using new information technologies to collect data in the field (smartphones, applications etc.). Designs personalized mobile applications and traceability software to modernize the management and processing of data for businesses and agricultural companies.

Our Team

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