Project summary

Forecasts made by national and international organizations for the protection of the environment and biodiversity show that Côte d'Ivoire risks losing its forest cover by 2034. The consequences of this loss of animal and plant biodiversity are causing changes. climatic conditions that are perceptible in the agro-ecological zones of the country. To conserve and restore the remains of forests in Ivory Coast, AGRO-MAP is committed for promoting community reforestation in rural areas to fight against deforestation and land degradation in protected areas and particularly in rural areas. To achieve this ambitious objective, AGRO-MAP participates with rural communities and producers in the creation of forest islands and in the restoration of sacred forests.

Project goal

For the project to run smoothly, four major objectives have been set:

1. Produce and provide forest plants (Fraké, Framiré, Akpi, Teck etc.) to the beneficiaries of the project;

2. Raise awareness among beneficiary communities;

3. Carry out technical operations for the creation and restoration of sacred forests and forest islands;

4. Help the communities to plant forest trees.

Expected results

The following results are expected:

1. The supply of forest plants is assured;

2. The beneficiary communities are sensitized;

3. Technical reforestation activities are implemented;

4. Planting is carried out with the communities.


Côte d'Ivoire , Abidjan

Project status




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