“Digitization of agriculture” refers to the use of information and communication technologies - also known as ICT or ICT - in the agricultural sector.

The major challenge facing Professional Agricultural Organizations (POA) is securing databases and facilitating administrative management. Also, it should be noted that the information which makes it possible to set up good traceability of agricultural products is almost non-existent.

Even if this information exists, their exploitation and processing are difficulties that takeovers face on a daily basis.

It is in this perspective that we have developed a traceability software called "AGRO-MAP Traceability" available to all our customers. “AGRO-MAP Traceability” makes it possible to respond to the challenges of controlling the supply chain for agricultural products. AGRO-MAP Traceability is a decision support tool for small producer organizations and agricultural businesses.

Our services in Agricultural Digitization are:

  • Setting up multi-stakeholder technology platforms;
  • Database management and analysis;
  • The design of traceability software with and without internet connection;
  • The development of mobile applications
  • Monitoring of projects and programs.

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