Forestry is both the art and the science of protecting, conserving and managing forests, planting trees and natural resources. With forest ecosystems being of critical importance to our planet, forestry is a critical area for both the environment, our communities and our economy.

Forestry is a very complex multidisciplinary field which, in addition to timber, includes the management of many elements including biodiversity, wildlife habitat, water quality, recreation, employment and community stability. who live off our forests.

Forestry involves the comprehensive study of the systems that supply our natural resources but also includes a great many specializations.

It is in this sense that we are committed to promoting agricultural practices that respect the environment, conserve biodiversity, preserve natural resources and protect protected areas.

Our approach is part of raising the awareness of potential actors, training and coaching communities, on themes related to the socio-economic and environmental aspect, in particular the promotion of a resilient and flexible agroforestry approach, by recommending species growth that diversify farmers' incomes. AGRO-MAP focuses on the valorization and promotion of farmers initiatives in the field of sustainable agroforestry systems to curb extensive agriculture on brulis that have already reached their socio-economic and environmental limits.

We supervise communities to produce forest and fruit tree nursery plants and we support them until planting in plantations.

Our services in Forestry / Environment are;

  • Agroforestry and reforestation
  • Identification of community plots;
  • Reforestation (community and individual reforestation)
  • The production of forest and fruit plants;
  • Payment for Environmental Services (PES);
  • REDD + mechanism
  • Capacity building of actors on forest management themes;
  • The HCS and HCV study
  • Forest and wildlife inventory

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