While Ivory Coast is a major producer and exporter of agricultural products, the sector is characterized by the extensiveness of its production systems. In addition, like many countries, Ivory Coast is subject to climate change with great variability in rainfall and therefore greater risks for small producers of rain-fed crops and more generally a potential risk in terms of food security for population.

Sustainable agriculture is economically viable agriculture, ethically sustainable for our generation as well as for those to come and for the whole planet.

It is open to society, multi-functional, producer of quality food and services, partner of nature therefore autonomous and non-polluting, actor in the overall management of the territory, generator of employment, engine of local dynamics.

It is with this in mind that we aim to transform the lives of small producers so that they have a vision of a modern entrepreneur.

Our professionalization approach revolves around three fundamental points, the first of which is to carry out a participatory inventory focused on the comprehensive approach. The second step aims to identify the orientations of diversification of the producer's activities and of local coaching to help him achieve his objective. The third step is to provide regular support in taking social and environmental issues into account.

Our services in Sustainable Agriculture are:

  • Professionalization of agricultural actors;
  • Design and implementation of sustainability programs and projects;
  • Audit and organization of agricultural companies and cooperatives;
  • Business plan design;
  • Support for small producers in the ecological transition;
  • Training of producers on good agricultural practices (GAP);
  • Support for the diversification of agricultural activities.

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